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Why Should I Go To Church?

Have you ever asked y ourself, “Why should I go to church?”

Well, all of us have at one time or another.  Usually this question comes up when talking with children.  They are just starting to evaluate things for themsleves and trying to establish a values system.  What would you say to someone, young or otherwise, who is questioning why they should go to church?  Let me offer you a few helpful suggestions you might want to make when discussing this subject.

First, Jesus gave His life and shed His blood for the Church to be brought into existence.  Without and until Jesus died, there could be no Church.  The Church is a supernatural creation of God whereby born again believers in the risen Savior Jesus Christ are placed into the Body of Christ (I Cor. 12:12).  We become part of a called out assembly of Christians from the Day of Pentecost until the day of the Rapture.  This unique assembly is called the Church Universal and has a present day presence in local congregations all over the world.  If we know Christ as our personal Savior, know how important the Church is to Him, and know how much He gave up for the Church, then we should take a visible stand with Him and for Him in the local Church.

Next, we must consider Jesus’ example.  He was in the habit of goint to hear God’s Word being taught in God’s house (Luke 4:16).  He never missed a Sabbath day and we should never miss a Sunday.  Jesus wanted to be with God’s people and sing God’s praise.  So should we!  No better example can be set than the one Jesus gave us.  Let’s be like our Savior and consistently and regularly attend church services.

Jesus also gave us pastors and teachers in the local church to help prepare and equip us to live the Christian life (Ephesians 4:11-13).  It is in the church you learn the importance of having daly devotions.  It is in the church you learn how greatly God loes you and how greatly He wants you to love Him back with a lifestyle that honors and pleases Him.  These lessons would all be lost if you failed to go to the church faithfully.

Fourthly, Jesus taught the truth that you can not be a healthy, growing Christian outside a local church (I Cor.12:14-27).  A Christian needs to stay connected, plugged into and actively involved in a local church if they want to grow to become everything God wants them to be.  A hand cut off from the arm dies and decays.  A hot coal taken from the fire dies and grows cold.  A plant pulled from the ground dies and rots.  Convenience says, “Once a week is enough to attend church.”  But conviction says, “I’ll attend church every time the church doors are open for a service because I know I need what is being offered there to stay healthy and strong for Christ.”

Lastly, Jesus gave us friendships within the church to encourage us in humility and holiness (Hebrews 10:24-25).  When we go to church we are encouraged by both giving and receiving smiles between friends.  We are encouraged by the good things we hear God is doing in the lives of our friends.  Also, we are able to encourage them as we testify about the Lord and share prayer requests one with another.  In the church we learn of opportunities to share God’s love in practical ways with others.  Life-long friendships are made in the local church as we interact with one another.  Itis one of the important reasons why we should go to church.

Well, there you have it!  Five important reasons why you should go to church.  I hope to see you this Sunday at all church services as well as at the ones during the week.

Pastor Alan

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